It is unfair. It’s not fair. Nobody deserves to be lonely. It’s the worst feeling in the world. You know how always people are crying about how there are 7 billion people in the world and no one is irreplaceable and how they talk about there are plenty of fish in the water. That’s all bullshit. It’s all a lie. You could know all the people in the world and you could still feel lonely. Read More


Why does in every religious text of any major Religion it appears as though they want women to be under control so that they are always inferior to men? What is it about women that Religion finds it so insecure that all it wants to do is chain them down so that they don’t fly? What are they scared of? And when will women try to grab the real cause of the problem and ask for answers that why for centuries they weren’t treated in the same manner as men? Why did they crucify them and burnt them in cross? Why every time a man felt insecure, she had to stand trial against an unfair jury and get stoned to death led by her own son and father? Why will young girls that haven’t even started to menstruate be married to perverts in the name of fathers going to heaven? You call that moral? You call that empathy and greatness of a higher being? Read More

That’s what I did. I tried to keep my chin up. So, I gave chances to every other people that walked in my life thinking that not everyone is the same. I tried to replace people every time they left but every time somebody left they took with them a small piece of my heart. Now when they ask me how I ended up so heartless. This is what I answer. I had one, a pretty big one actually, but when people left they took off with it and never cared to give me my heart back coz if they had I would have stitched together and when somebody wanted to be a part of that heart, broken although it was, I would have let people in just so they can get away with it altogether again. You know why? Coz I never learn and no matter how much harm people try to inflict on me. I believe that someone nice will come along, just as broken as I am and we would fit in perfectly, with all the broken pieces of our heart and it would be just fine.Read More